Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day's May 1st.  And what are we expecting this evening here in Kansas......SNOW!  I realize my last post was about snow.....and here I am talking about it again.  I planted my flower beds last weekend....bought some beautiful stuff and I am worried it's going to get too cold for them this evening.  Just hoping they survive.

Anyways....enough about snow....I'm sick of the stuff.  
Let's talk End Of School!!!

We only have 9 more school days this year.  Seems very hard to believe.  The 4th grade class I help with is going on their field trip tomorrow.  The teacher I work with let the kids pair up and research where they would like to go this year.  They had to do internet searches on educational places to visit, read about the places they found that were within one hour of where the school is, write up a report and present that report to the class.  Then we voted on where everyone would like to go.  Our kids did a fantastic job and we will be going to a couple places tomorrow I've never been before.  Hope it's fun.  It will be cold....but enjoyable I'm sure.

We also are doing research at the moment on historical figures.  They had to pick who they wanted to be after looking at a variety of books picked from the school library.  They then had to read the book and do additional reading and internet searches about that person to find out interesting facts.  Currently they are writing up their presentations about their person they picked.  After that we are going to host a wax museum for the school where the other grades will get to come in, see our kids in costume and listen to them do their presentations about their historical figure.  I can not wait to see how it all comes together. 

I have learned so much working with the teacher I've worked with the past two years and also with looping up with the kids last year in third grade to forth grade this year.  It will certainly be an experience I won't forget.

EXCITING NEWS OF MY OWN!!!!   I have been asked to head an enrichment program this summer for k-6th graders.  It will just be a class for anyone that wants to participate to come at their grades given time for an hour and a half to work on reading and math skills.  This is to help them retain some of the stuff they have learned all year so that they don't loss as much by the time the new school year starts.  I can not wait to get started on this project.  Should be exciting and fun and will certainly be a great learning experience as well.

Well, that's enough for now.  Hope everyone is enjoying a little warmer weather then I am here in Kansas.


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