Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What have I been up to?

Hello and welcome to my blog.  If you are a returning reader, nice seeing you again!  If you are new here, awesome to have you!
I have had a pretty busy summer, but I'm sure that it wasn't any more so then anyone else's.

If you have read any of my previous blogs, you know I am going to college (finally) to finish my teaching degree.  So that was one thing I did this summer was take two classes (9 credit hours).  One class was a lot of fun.....the other, well, I would have rather ate my foot!!!  But is done.  Now I am just looking forward to starting my fall classes, all of which will take me closer and closer to my goal.

Also, I have been doing an all summer long tutoring program at the school I work at.  My principal approached me last year in April about starting this program, designing how I want it to work, and getting the program going by the first of June.  I am pretty proud of the kids I had this summer and the work they did.  The program is mainly geared toward a math and reading focus, so that is what we did.  
It was just me for the most part (I did have a helper about 5 days and then my daughter who is in 4th grade this fall helped do flashcards with half the kdg class while I did a reading group with the other half).

It was comprised of kdg-6th grade.  Monday 8:30-10 Kdg  10:30-12 1st....times the same Tues - Thur. but grades alternated....2nd and 3rd.....4th and 5th....and then 6th on Thur.  Friday was my travel day.  We are a rural school and so on each Friday I took math games to  designated alternate site in a town that our school serves, so that kids in that community could just come there instead of always having to go to the school.

I hope I get to do this again next summer.

Aside from those two things, I still had to run my kids around and stuff.  All around a good summer!!

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